Dj Pressley, Houston, TX
Michael did a great job inspecting our new home! He went above and beyond throughout the process and always delivered what he promised! I highly recommend Michael for your inspection needs!

Jamie & Anne G., Houston, TX
We hired Michael to inspect the house, well, and septic of a home we intend to buy. He was very thorough and informative. My husband met him for the inspection, and he explained everything to him. He took his time and didn't take any short cuts. He represented our best interest, and we greatly appreciate that. We received a detailed inspection report along with pictures and suggestions. He followed up with a phone call to make sure we didn't have any additional questions. We highly recommend him!

Gaspar S. , Houston, TX
Thank You Mr. Berry for your service to our Community! My family and I would rate your services as top of the line. We would definitely hire you again and also recommend you to others. Also, thank You for your consideration for our Veterans.

Robert P., Houston, TX
Very thorough and honest. Couldn't ask for more.

Linda K., Houston, TX
I just had Michael Berry under contract to do my new home construction inspections. Always advisable to hire your own. The one your builder has works for the builder, not you. Michael was very informed and up to date on the latest codes and ordinances. He is very detail oriented and very picky. He treats your home as if he were inspecting his own home construction. He informed our builder of new rules/laws even before the builder knew about them so the house would pass all city and county inspections. I feel very confident about his advice and my home passed city and county inspection very quickly. He is polite, knowledgeable and on time! Very important for my busy schedule. I highly recommend him. He gave me calm piece of mind during this construction process.

Ashley R., Houston, TX
I called him to do a secondary inspection on a system my initial inspector wasn't certified in. He was very helpful and informative. He was also honest enough to tell me I didn't need to hire him and what I did need to do instead. It is so nice to not have someone just looking to get paid. Thank you!

Lori P., Houston, TX
Mr. Berry's home inspection service is top notch. He is very detail oriented with his inspections and provides plenty of time to discuss his findings throughout his process. If you are needing a home inspection I would strongly suggest giving him a call.

Kelsey A., Bridge City, TX
Michael Berry is who you need to hire to inspect your home. He is very trust worthy, loyal , and professional. He drove two and half hours to inspect the home I was buying. He showed up an hour early. He was very detailed and explained every to me. I am so grateful I hired him. I highly recommend Michael Berry as your inspector. 5 STARS!!

Girish K., Cypress, TX
Mr. Berry is very efficient and a very honest professional. He's very thorough and specific with his findings and reports. I will hire him again if I ever buy another house; and will definitely recommend him to friends and acquaintances. 5 STARS!!

Linda K., Stagecoach, TX
I just had Michael Berry under contract to do my new home construction inspections. Always advisable to hire your own. The one your builder has works for the builder, not you. Michael was very informed and up to date on the latest codes and ordinances. He is very detail oriented and very picky. He treats your home as if he were inspecting his own home construction. He informed our builder of new rules/laws even before the builder knew about them so the house would pass all city and county inspections. I feel very confident about his advice and my home passed city and county inspection very quickly. He is polite, knowledgeable and on time! Very important for my busy schedule. I highly recommend him. He gave me calm piece of mind during this construction process. 5 STARS!!

Tara S., Plantersville, TX
I am a first time home buyer, and recently hired Mr. Berry to handle my septic tank inspection. I arrived right on time for our scheduled meeting, and he was already there and had begun the inspection. I was pleasantly surprised. He was also very informative on how the system worked and went through the important details on what minor repairs/replacement were needed in order to keep it maintained in a proper manner in the future. Mr. Berry's pricing was very affordable and beat hands down all of the other companies I called for pricing quotes on a septic inspection by a licensed company. I am very pleased with him and refer him to friends, family, and the general public. As a matter of fact, I asked him for a few business cards, so that I could pass them over to my Realtor. 5 STARS!!

Viviane & Michael, The Woodlands, TX
Dear Michael,
Wanted to thank you for your excellent service with the inspection in The Woodlands. We appreciate your responsiveness to our needs re scheduling the initial inspection and then coming back the next day to verify areas that were not accessible. I also found it very reassuring that your service includes an inspection of the work you recommended and an appliance recall check.

Your inspection was very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to explain your report including suggestions and recommendations. We felt comfortable and reassured with the purchase of the house. Thank you so very much.

Tim & Denise R., San Leon, TX
To prospective customers of Michael Berry,
My wife and I secured the services of Michael Berry Home Inspections in October of 2015. We were purchasing a residential/commercial combination property in San Leon, Texas and had a very tight schedule to meet before our option period expired. Mr. Berry rearranged his schedule by giving us a "rush inspection" to meet our needs.

I was very impressed with the thoroughness of Mr.Berry's inspection. Mr. Berry was not afraid to get dirty examining every inch of all structures. Most of all he gave us honest feedback both positive and negative where appropriate. I appreciated Mr. Berry speaking with us in layman terms and having the patience to make sure we understood his assessment. All of his written reports were provided to us in a very timely manner.

I will always confidently recommend Mr.Berry's services to anybody requiring a property inspection on either residential or commercial property. Prospective clients are welcomed to contact me. roltim at gmail.com

Arlis H., Cypress, TX
My wife and I made the leap to build a new home in a master planned community. Having Michael perform our phase one or pre-drywall inspection as well as our final inspection was the best decision we made while building our home.

Michael took time to sit down with us at our inspections to ensure we understood what was happening during construction, and provided us with insight into the realities of home building. Michael also gave us recommendations as to measures we may want to take in order to protect our home beyond “code” requirements.

We received our final inspection reports the same day, which made the week before closing much easier for our builder to correct any remaining issues. Michael also agreed to return after his final inspection to ensure each issue was addressed prior to our closing. The reports provided to us were professional and clear with notated photographic documentation.

Michael protected our interests above his own throughout the process. He refused to move forward with a final inspection that our builder prematurely scheduled in order to rush closing. His refusal allowed us to avoid being forced into closing on an unfinished home, or having to face daily monetary penalties for “delaying” closing.

Beyond providing us with exceptional home inspections and finalized reports, Michael has been an unbiased source of valuable information we needed while building our new home. We now have a building expert we can continue to rely on as we move into the next stage of our lives as homeowners.

Thank you Michael L. Berry

Oscar A & Barbara Anne G., Houston TX
Mr. Berry, my wife and I would like to thank you for taking your time on a Saturday morning to come and inspect our new home we are buying. It's people like you that have made buying a home a little more easy. Thank you.

Angela and Daniel in Pearland, TX
The builder for our home took a lot longer than planned. Michael Berry was there every step of the way to make sure our family's home was built properly and safely. He always arrived on time, or early and his inspection reports were thorough. We would recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector. Thank you Mr. Berry for your hard work!

Lita J., "A Very Happy Client"
Dear Michael,
It has been eight days since my closing. I would like to take the time to thank you for your patience, kindness and your wonderful service provided. You were a God sent and I will always be grateful to you.

I am so please with everything you did on the house; you went above and behind for my safety and my investment. I would be proud to refer my friends and my family to you in the future. Strongly believe they will be in good hand.

Again, thank you for your kindness and your understanding with the whole process. I wish you more and more success, looking forward to do business with you again.

Best regards,

Tim R., Sealy, TX
Michael Berry did an excellent job on my home inspection. Even after the inspection was completed and payment was made, he was still there to help out and answer any additional questions/concerns I had 2+ months down the road.

Michael arrived early and already started inspection before scheduled time. Upon arrival, he walked through the entire house and explained every possible issue in detail to my satisfaction.

He also emailed an incredibly thorough report with pictures on same day which I forwarded to my broker to take remedial actions.

Michael is informative, knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a home inspector.

Kelsey A., Houston, TX
Michael L. Berry did an Awesome job for my home inspection. I Highly recommend him! He was very easy to setup a schedule with immediately and provided his completed inspection on time as said. He included a range of coverage for the whole house and outside the house as well. The inspection included detail pictures, with call outs and descriptions from noting foundation issues, electrical situations, leaks, to wholes needing to be covered, to missing window locks and much more. He also made statements for the type of professional we would need to review changes needed, such as a structural engineer for our foundation repairs. Over all I was very pleased with the work and the inspection, it was very clear and on point and completed as planned.

Dolores H., Magnolia, TX
Very prompt in replying to my request, and in keeping appointment. His report was extensive and well documented. Would definitely recommend him.

Shawn W., Houston, TX
We had a very difficult build with our home builder and Michael Berry was an excellent resource that was there more than he charged us for. He was also able to work well with our builder allowing us to step back and not be confrontational and maintain the relationship.

Michelle W., Cleveland, TX
Very professional!!! Great job would highly recommend!!!!

Stephanie B., Humble, TX
Mr. Berry was professional, polite, informative and knowledgeable. He arrived early and did a thorough job with the inspection. He took time to explain things to me and show things to me along the way. His report was thorough and he delivered it early. Mr. Berry focuses on customer service and delivering a professional product. I highly recommend him and his business.

Henry N., Angleton, TX
I would recommend Michael Berry to perform home inspections. He exhibited good skills in his investigation. He is considerate of the property he treads on. He has a pleasant personality and takes the time required to evaluate the property thoroughly. Michael takes the time to write a thorough report of his findings along with pictures to better define those finds.

James B., Trinity, TX
Mr. Berry did a very thorough job and explained the inspection report, which was sent to us day that the inspection was preformed.

Tessa K., Crosby, TX
Michael Berry was polite, respectful, thorough, convenient, and not pushy. He finished quickly and gave honest and complete answers about the inspection and what he thought about the house being inspected.

Rebecca R., Houston, TX
Mr Berry did s thorough job and explained everything in a way that I understood. His report was sent to me by the next morning. He was very professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely nice guy. I would definitely use his services again.

Barbara S., Baytown, TX
Mr. Berry has been very kind and efficient. He arrived and got straight to work and finished as quickly as he could without skipping anything. He explained all his findings multiple times to both my husband and myself and then again to my dad so that we all were clear on any problem areas in the home. His report was done quickly, and I was able to forward on to my Realtor the next day. His company also provides extra services free of charge to keep your home safe and running smoothly.

Daniel P., Richmond, TX
Michael was on-time (early in fact), professional, thorough, and very informative. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home. He provided the report within 24 hours as he promised.

Elisa D., LaPorte, TX
Mr. Berry was kind enough to make the time to do the inspection very nearly immediately (the same day I talked with him on the phone). He arrived early even though the home was on the fringes of town. He was thorough, and he explained his work verbally in a walk-through as well as in text in his report. He was also polite and considerate, and he seems to have a gift for explaining everything well without making the person he's talking to feel dumb for not knowing or noticed these things him or herself.

C.J. M., Humble, TX
Early this year, I found myself in search of my first home. While I am not a Houston-native, I have lived in the area for several years and decided to settle dow/n. Among various needs of preparation, I need a home inspection completed (naturally). Michael Berry's name was immediately mentioned. His honesty, integrity and dependability were all advised as being above par.

All interaction with Mr. Berry—whether written or over phone call—was respectful and insightful. He definitely knows his stuff and is an honest, hardworking citizen. The report I received on findings highlights an attention to detail that sets him apart from other vendors far and wide.

If I had/have to do it all again, I would choose Mr. Berry's services without hesitation and I would recommend him without reservation. If you want a smooth home inspection with guidance where needed, Michael Berry is definitely the man for the job!

Semper Fideiis

Rick H., Humble, TX
He was great with information and follow up.

Velvet V., Humble, TX
I needed a home inspection on a house I'm thinking of buying so I found Michael Berry. He was reasonable priced and even said he would come out again if we couldn't get the electricity turned on in time! He arrived before we did and was already working. Michael was very polite and didn't mind answering any questions. He was also very well informed on code and told us of issues that might arise later with just meeting requirements. He took pictures and gave detailed notes. He went over the report verbally with us before he left and I received the report via email before the sun was up the next day! Talk about prompt! I had to call Micheal to ask a question and he didn't mind at all. His friendliness was outstanding. Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection! Read the review on YELP

"A Customer", Houston, TX
Michael is awesome! He was on time and did a great job explaining issue and taking the time to answer all of my questions. He even helped get a pest inspection and took the time to get me quotes and then schedule the appointment for me. He is truly offering a great service with outstanding customer service.

Claude N., Houston, TX
Mr. Berry
I would like to take this to thank you for the professionalism and precise work you did for me and my family. For overseeing and inspecting the construction of or new home, it goes without saying you went above and beyond your required duties to make sure we were getting a quality home. It is people you like you that people should be proud to have as inspector and call friend, because at no time did you ever not answer any questions or any concerns I may have had, but many times you would go out of your way to inspect anything I was concerned about, I would definitely recommend you to anybody who is looking for an good inspector. Once again thank you for all your hard work and professionalism.

Terri R., Friendswood, TX
Very thorough and professional.

Robert L., Spring, TX
Michael was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I feel extremely confident that the inspection was accurate and complete. The seller had the gas turned off on our inspection date and Michael had no problem returning to complete checking furnace and water heater after they turned it back on. He sent his report and the updated reports on the same day as his visit. I would absolutely use him again and have already recommended him to several others.

Kathy L., Trinity, TX
Would Tell anyone needing a home inspection about him.

Elijah E., Richmond, TX
There really isn't a high enough rating to give Michael Berry as an inspector. He's detail oriented and professional. He did excellent work and was extremely helpful with his recommendations. He's prompt and gives you a follow up to make sure you understand his work and process. I would hire him again if needed.

Doug T., Magnolia, TX
5 Star Review on HomeAdvisor.com Very detailed inspection, on time service. Very professional.

Lisa M., Trinity, TX
Very detailed oriented. Quick to get the report to you. I would recommend him to my family and friends for home inspections.

Chafania W., Houston, TX
Michael it was truly a pleasure working with you during our new home inspection. I appreciate you taking the time to come out and arriving even earlier than expected. You provided me with what I considered to be a honest inspection. Very knowledgeable and thorough throughout the entire process even in educating me on some things we may want to have done on our own that will help save us money in the future. I didn't really know what to expect but because of how detail oriented you are you pointed out everything you could find and told us what we needed to do. The follow up by you to make sure we received the report and understood the report was great and you again didn't hesitate to mention giving you a call back if I had more questions. Thanks Michael for a great experience with my home inspection. I will be sure to recommend you in the future.

Megan C., Spring, TX
Michael was able to inspect my home on short notice. This was the first time I have not been able to be at the property when the inspection was done. I was very upset and nervous about not being there to see the defects and go over them with him in person. But after he finished the inspection and called me to go over the report and findings in detail, I was put at ease. I feel like I was there and I know what the overall condition is of the propert I am buying. I am really excited that now I know I can call Mike and be confident that a great job will be done with excellent customer service. Thank you again for your professionalism, attention to detail and great customer service.

Daniel R., Humble, TX
Mr. Berry inspected a home for me on Split Oak Cir in New Caney on May 28,2014. Mr. Berry took the time to go through the home, pointing out inspection issues inside and out. Mr. berry took the time to ensure I knew what I was looking at. I will be using Mr. Berry for my next inspection. I appreciate the honesty. Without getting into dollars and cents, he pointed out 'simple' repairs and 'serious' repairs (I took that to mean EXPENSIVE.) He spent time explaining what was wrong, how it should be, and a general idea of what it would take to repair properly. Mr. Berry also has a background in fixing things, so he is a perfect fit as a home inspector. He sees those items that we would miss. The $300 I paid to Mr. Berry saved me $68,000. He is worth every penny.

Leotis H., Fort Polk, LA
Mr. Berry made my home buying experience such an amazing process. I was so stressed with the lending process that when Mr. Berry made it so much relaxing. He is very accurate and detail with his report which put me at ease very easy to conduct business with. I was very pleased with his service and wish it was more people like him that conducted business the same.

Michele D., Houston, TX
Dear Mr. Berry,
I can't thank you enough for replying to my querie for septic system inspection and taking the time to advise me on the condition and maintenance of septic systems, and even electrical safety recommendations for the home we are buying. Your knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy are impressive. We're not first time home owners but we are better prepared for our first country home, thanks to you. We'll recommend you to our realtor and anyone who needs expert property inspection services. Thanks!

Manuel R., Houston, TX
Very knowledgeable and thorough. I was at ease once the inspection started, because I could tell that my future home was in good hands with Mr.Berry. He has the mentality of a teacher because he is eager and very anxious to answer any questions that arise at any point. He didn't care how long the inspection took as long as I left with all of my questions answered. Very good job.

Kristi N., Needville, TX
He provided a very detailed inspection and explained everything in the report in terms I could understand. He had misquoted me a lower price and he honored his price even though it was quite a bit less than it should have been - I even tried to pay him the full price and he wouldn't let me. I had my inspection the next morning as he had promised. Would HIGHLY recommend Michael to anyone needing a home inspection.

Brian G., Houston, TX
Michael did a wonderful job inspecting our new home. Professional, friendly and on time. Brought up issues I wasn't aware of and went above and beyond.

Don Gibbs
Mr Berry,
I want to take a few moments to say thank you very much for the appraisal. I found you paid great attention to detail on the work you did for me. You found things I would have never thought of looking for. You also make it easy to understand what I was reading on the paperwork. I cant give you any higher praise and recommend you more to anyone wanting an appraisal.
Thank You Again.

Erin K., Richmond, Texas
Project: Home Inspection
I hired Michael for septic and water well inspection, and was very happy with his service.... he spent time with us explaining things, and checked in after submitting his inspection report to verify that we received it and to answer any questions we may have had.